Trimester Registration

Registration for the semester

For your first semester at Polytechnique, or at the latest by the course change deadline, all graduates student must submit at the Registrar the documents supporting your student status.

The amount of tuition fees to be paid depends in great part on your status in Canada and assessment of residence in Quebec.  Canadian or permanent resident students and international students must pay a higher tuition fees than Canadian and permanent resident students who qualify as Quebec residents under Ministère de l'Éducation definitions.

You must register every semester.

You must pickup your computer access code at :

  1. Open your dossier étudiant
  2. Click on Inscription / Désinscription and click on Je m'inscris.

When your request to register has been completed, you will see “Inscrit” (Registered) indicated beside the “Inscription / Désinscription” (Registration / Deregistration) option; this may take up to 30 minutes.

How to confirm your registration Guide (.pdf)



You must register every semester. If you do not register, you must, by the appropriate deadlines:

Otherwise, you will receive an invoice for the full amount of your tuition, including late registration fees.

If you do not pay this invoice before the end of the semester, you will be considered to have withdrawn from your studies with the obligation to pay the total amount of the semester’s tuition (including insurance fees appropriate to your status).

You may not, at that point, register for a subsequent semester until you submit a readmission request and pay the outstanding balance (see articles 7.3 and 7.10*  of the Graduate Studies – General Regulations).