Thesis and Dissertation

The Guide for Presenting Theses and Dissertations is essential to guide you through all the steps of writing your thesis or your dissertation.

This guide covers the general principles of:

  • the writing guidelines, and the presentation rules that students must follow for a thesis or dissertation to be accepted and meet electronic publication standards;
  • the steps and procedures for submitting and presenting a thesis or dissertation;
  • information about the diploma award process.
Guides for the Conduct of Dissertation Defences and Thesis Presentations

To offer favourable, fair, and safe conditions for all Polytechnique Montréal students, the Direction des affaires académiques et de l’expérience étudiante has developed a guide for the conduct of thesis defences or presentations in person or in hybrid mode and by video conference only if imposed by the government in the context of the covid-19 pandemic.

La direction des affaires académiques et de l'expérience étudiante strongly recommends the physical presence of doctoral students for their thesis defense except in the event of major constraints.

  • Guide for the Conduct of In-person Dissertation Defences and Thesis Presentations (.pdf)
  • Guide for the Conduct of Dissertation Presentations and Thesis Defences via Video Conferencing (.pdf)



It is mandatory to use a template. A template is a style sheet that facilitates your work and ensures that Polytechnique publication standards are respected. The templates are available in two formats : Word (in English and in French) and LaTeX (bilingual template) on the Library website.

Guide for Doctoral Dissertation Jury Members

The purpose of this guide is to define the roles and responsibilities of each doctoral dissertation jury member, and to clarify conflict of interest between jury members and the student defending their dissertation.

  • Guide for Doctoral Dissertation Jury Members (.pdf)
  • Confirmation absence of conflicts of interest of a doctoral thesis jury (.pdf)
  • Confirmation absence of conflicts of interest : 
    • President of a doctoral thesis jury(.pdf)
    • The Direction des études supérieures Representative (.pdf)
    • Member of a doctoral thesis jury (.pdf)
    • External Member of a doctoral thesis jury (.pdf)

The department officers of student files will be of very helpful in case of need. We invite you to contact them.


Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Amal Bennani
poste 4852

Chemical Engineering

Alexandre Bréard
poste 4937


Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

Adèle El-Murr (Civil Engineering)
poste 4777

Sooraya Balgobin (Geological and Mining Engineering)
poste 4865 

Electrical Engineering

Brigitte Gal
poste 4619

Computer and Software Engineering

Janie Guay
poste 7185

Christine Saint-Victor
poste 7116

Mathematics and Industrial Engineering

Suzanne Guindon (Maîtrise)
poste 4201

Mélisa Regalado (DESS-Doctorat)
poste 7234


Kalonji Mbelu (Doctorat, DESS, Microprogrammes)
poste 4402

Mechanical Engineering (MAÎTRISES)

Carine Sami (Maîtrises)
poste 2389

Physics Engineering

Lyne Dénommé
poste 2392