Courses Selection and Modification

You must choose your courses in your student record online.

The Modification de choix de cours (Course changes) option will be available only during the period specified for students who have confirmed their registration. 
See How to confirm your registration.


  1. Click on: Modifications de choix de cours
  2. Enter the Sigle (course code) or Gr. Théo and Gr. Lab. (theory and lab groups)
  3. Click on Enregistrer (Register) at the bottom of the page, then on Retour à la sélection des options (Return to menu)
  4. Return to the menu and click on Horaire personnel (Personal schedule) option to see the details of your schedule.

More info: To choose your Courses (.pdf)

Print the Personal Schedule (in French Only) (.pdf)
Course Drop

Tuition fees must be paid for dropped courses. A dropped course will be listed in your file with the grade “R.” 

Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students

It will be automatically moved back into your study plan and you must take it a second time. To replace it with another course, you must complete a Change of Study Plan form (.pdf).

  • Graduate course drop or withdrawal (.doc) (.pdf), version française (.doc) (.pdf)
Certificates or Short Undergraduate Programs
Inter-University courses

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) or Autorisation d'études hors établissement (AEHE) allows Polytechnique regular students to take courses at other Quebec universities. Certain conditions apply. A student who has obtained authorization to take a course in another institution is required to follow the institutional regulations of Polytechnique as well as those of the host institution.

Registration and withdrawal for an Inter-University course is done through the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) website:

If necessary, consult the following documents:

  • Authorization to study outside an establishment (AEHE): Student guide (French) (.pdf)
  • Registration procedure for an Inter-University course (.pdf)
  • For any questions, contact:
Graduate studies

If you are enrolled in a graduate program, the course must be included in your study plan.

  • Master’s study plan (.pdf)
  • Doctoral study plan (.pdf)

If the off-site course is not yet included in your study plan, you must make a modification to your existing study plan before submitting your Inter-University Transfert request:

  • Study Plan Modification Form (.pdf)
Undergraduate certificate

A regular certificate student must respect the structure of his program.

In exceptional cases, a certificate course may be replaced by an equivalent course from another university through the Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT).

The following conditions apply:

  • have paid the tuition fees at Polytechnique Montréal;
  • demonstrate exceptionality to replace the course of a certificate with that of another institution;
  • specify the course of the certificate in equivalence;
  • have obtained the agreement of the coordinator of the certificate on the equivalence;
  • have already completed 15 certificate credits at Polytechnique Montréal and have a cumulative average of at least 2.5/4.0.

For the course to be effectively recognized in the Polytechnique certificate, the student must pass the course with a minimum grade of C.

Note: These requirements do not apply when off-site courses are included in your certificate program.

Registration and withdrawal for an Inter-University course is done through the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) website:

International exchange program

Exchange candidates must choose their other courses among the courses offered at Polytechnique Montréal. A regular student enrolled in a short program can, however, take a language course at another university, if not offered at Polytechnique Montréal,

Registration and withdrawal for such an Inter-University course is done through the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) website:

Any course cancellation or abandon must also be done electronically on the same website; deadlines are those of the host establishment.

Authorization to Transfer Credits

Student Guide - Essentials for Completing Online Forms - in French only (.pdf)

If you are in graduate studies, the course must be provided in your study plan

  • Plan d'études au 2e cycle - in French only (.pdf)
  • Doctorate Study Plan (.pdf)

Course credit exemption in the doctoral program (.pdf), version française (.pdf)

Special features of certificates

There are two types of online courses; those that are offered synchronously and those that are offered asynchronously.

  • When you take a course offered synchronously, you must connect at the same time as the lecturer. The courses are recorded and you can view them any time throughout the semester.
  • When you take a course offered asynchronously, the course has been pre-recorded. The lecturer makes it available at the time posted for your course and you can view it when you wish.

To follow these courses, your lecturer will add a VIA activity on your course’s Moodle page, you only need to click on this activity to participate. An e-mail invitation will be sent to you to provide access.

You will need to download the VIA application on your first connection, afterwards you will need only click on “I have the app.”

VIA is a service that allows several participants to join online simultaneously from different locations. You can also access a common workspace to collaborate on shared documents.

To take part in online courses, you will need a webcam and an external microphone or one that is integrated in your computer, and a high-speed Internet connection.

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