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Claim Form: ASEQ

Health PLan for International Students (ashee)

All international students are automatically subscribed in the international student health and hospital insurance (ashee).
The way to unsubsribe is to present proof of exemption before the applicable deadline :

Deadline for submitting your proof of the insurance to the registrar office for 2020-2021 :

  1. Fall 2021: September 14
  2. Winter 2022: January 21
  3. Summer 2022: May 20

See details on the international student website.


The insurer no longer prints a paper insurance card. From your Desjardins online space, you will be able to acces a printable digital card. To log in, all you need is your certificate number and the contract number, which we will send you by email by the end of September.


Any request for refund of health insurance fees (with proof of exemption or for graduate students) should be sent by email to only during current term. After the current term, we won't be able to process the refund.

CONTACT (ashee)

For futher question about the international student health and hospital insurance (ashee) or to get your certificate number, please contact :

Your Group Insurance Plan (.pdf)
System of Compulsory Insurance
Claim for Healthcare Benefits (.pdf)

Accident Insurance - Graduate Studies

Accident insurance coverage - SSQ Insurance is valid for students enrolled in bachelor's or graduate programs at Polytechnique Montreal.

This insurance is free for students, who are automatically covered when enrolled at the university, once tuition fees have been paid.

If you are an accident victim during your study hours or during any activity related to your academic activities, and you require medical care, you are eligible for reimbursements of medical expenses incurred, and financial compensation for disability. All the details can be found on the SSQ website.

After your accident, be sure to contact SSQ Insurance's customer service department as soon as possible to determine the conditions that apply to your coverage. Here are some important things to remember:

- Print and complete the appropriate claim form:

Accident claim forms

Accidental death and dismemberment claim form

- Retrieve (if required) the accident report from the Polytechnique Health and Safety Sector, making sure to include the required signatures,

- Send all required documents (form, accident report, medical bills, etc.) directly to SSQ Insurance.


Additional useful information:

- Customer service for insured students: 1-877-651-8080

- Policy number: 1SZ75