Code of conduct

Students' rights and responsibilities

As a member of the community, each student, in all of his/her activities, is expected to respect the various obligations and responsibilities set upon him/her, among others in the realms of intellectual property, confidentiality, ethics, and during the use of the various resources placed at his/her disposal. The student is expected to adopt behaviour that falls within the rules applicable to him/her, as stated in the following documents among others:  

Documents for undergraduate studies, graduate studies and certificates

Document for undergraduate studies

Documents for graduate studies

Document for certificates

(The above documents are available, in French only for the most part, at the following address:

As such and more specifically, each student is responsible for respecting the rules of intellectual integrity set out, as well as those that provide sanctions for plagiarism, fraud, copying, cheating and falsifying of documents. Article 8 of the bachelor’s degree regulations, Article 9 of the continuing education regulations and Article 11 of the graduate studies regulations define the concept of fraud and provide the list of infractions and sanctions that may be imposed. Students may not, therefore, claim ignorance of the rules adopted by Polytechnique Montréal that are applicable to them.

Any student who believes that justice was not rendered during the course of a decision relative to the methods of application of these standards, for reasons such as an error in the establishment of facts, a procedural error, demonstrated discrimination or partiality, or a sanction disproportionate to the act, may appeal against the decision. The appealing methods (procedures, time frames, etc.) are described in the corresponding documents.