Code of conduct

Polytechnique Montréal Mission

Polytechnique’s mission consists in:

Respectful of the principles of sustainable development and attuned to the needs of society, Polytechnique Montréal, in accordance with its values:

  • educates engineers and top-level scientists to meet the challenges of an evolving world and make them key agents of change;
  • conducts research that addresses major societal issues; and
  • influences its environment intellectually, economically and socially.

Due to the importance of its mission, Polytechnique expects the members of its community to know and respect the various rules of conduct applicable to their daily activities in their respective fields.

More specifically, this mission incorporates the moral obligation for each member of the Polytechnique community to ascribe to and implement the highest standards of integrity in all their activities.

The management, staff and students of Polytechnique are tasked with working within the strictest standards of intellectual integrity and ethics. A person’s conduct must be guided by frankness, honesty, justice and the greatest respect for others. Polytechnique determines rules of conduct for its community as a whole, promotes them and ensures that they are respected.