Regulations and Sanctions

Violations of academic conduct include the following:

  • The substitution of a person, or the usurpation of a person’s identity, during an exam or any other type of graded work.
  • Submitting an exam, paper or any other graded work prepared by another person.
  • Using the work of others, in full or in part, literally or disguised, as one’s own or without indication as to the reference or source, in an exam, a paper or any other graded work. This includes any texts published electronically.
  • Obtaining, through theft, bribery, corruption or other dishonest means, any unauthorized document, or questions or answers for exams or any other graded activity.
  • Failing to respect instructions for a quiz, exam, paper or any other graded activity.
  • Soliciting, offering or exchanging information during a quiz, exam or any other graded activity.
  • Falsifying an evaluation result and/or any documents that formed part of the evaluation.
  • Possessing or using any unauthorized documents, materials or equipment during a quiz or exam, including copying from another student’s exam.
  • Having recourse to any unauthorized aid, whether collective or individual, during an exam, paper or any other graded activity.
  • Falsifying a document or data during an exam, paper or any other graded activity.
  • Presenting the same work, in whole or in part, for different evaluations in more than one course or program at Polytechnique Montréal or another institution without authorization.
  • Presenting a falsified document as part of an application for admission or to secure an internship or bursary, among others.

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It is considered an infraction for a student to commit fraud intentionally, by disregard or by negligence, along with:

  • any attempt to commit fraud;
  • any voluntary participation in fraud;
  • any incitement to commit fraud;
  • any conspiracy with other people with the aim of committing fraud, even if the fraud is not committed or is committed by only one of the people who took part in the plotting.

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Based on the seriousness of the offence and the presence of mitigating or aggravating circumstances, disciplinary measures may include one or more of the following or any other appropriate measure:

  • A score of 0 given to the exam, paper or other graded activity concerned.
  • A grade of F given to the course concerned.
  • A grade of F given to all courses taken during the semester concerned.
  • Suspension from all courses offered at Polytechnique Montréal for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of three semesters, to take effect from the date of the decision or starting from the end of the semester during which the decision is rendered. If the student returns following the suspension, they resume studies where they left off, with no possibility of equivalency for any courses that may have been taken at an outside institution.
  • Temporary expulsion from Polytechnique for a set period of between two and 10 years.
  • Permanent expulsion from Polytechnique Montréal: this deprives the student or person in question from the right to be admitted or readmitted to a program or enrolled in a course at Polytechnique, or to obtain a degree, a diploma, or a certificate from Polytechnique.
  • Withdrawal of a Polytechnique degree, diploma or certificate.

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