Making an Appointment with Registrar's Office

You may schedule an in-person appointment with the Registrariat by appointment only*, and only for the reasons listed below (due to the ongoing COVID pandemic):

  1. Obtain your diploma/certified copy of your diploma
  2. For special forms from other institutions or organizations
  3. Opus cards – if you are unable to access this function via your student portal
  4. For original documents for admission purposes (dropping off or collecting)
  5. Payment of tuition fees by credit card
  6. Transcript
  7. Certificate of studies / end of studies
  8. Payment for the reprinting of a student ID card: lost, stolen, or broken
  9. Deposit: Quebec Acceptance Certificate and Study Permit
  10. Swearing in for a diploma duplicate request (Wednesday : 10h30 to 11h30 and Tuesday : 13h to 14h and 14h30to 15h)

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For any further questions, please refer to this section contacts.

Personal information provided during appointment registration (name, email address, student number) will remain confidential, and will be destroyed 60 days after collection. More about the collection and management of personal information .



Office :A-201

Email :



Please send your query to only one email address in order to improve response time – numerous emails to numerous departments slows response time.

*Note that most PDF forms are available in French only

Undergraduate Certificates and Microprograms

  • Dropping courses
  • Leaving academic studies
  • Bachelors via certificate accumulation
  • Changes to admission application
  • Academic documents (transcripts, degrees, etc.)
  • Equivalence – courses / previously completed university studies (.doc)
  • Exemption -  courses / relevant professional experience (.pdf)
  • Questions about Offer of Admission letters
  • Questions about Conditions of Admission
  • Admission deferrals  
  • Misc. / etc.

Exemptions / course admission without required prerequisites

 Additional courses

  • Admission refusal / Readmission to an undergraduate certificate or microprogram

Academic progress / course selection

Consult your program coordinator (.pdf)

  • Non-academic documents (birth certificates, CSQ, permanent resident or Canadian citizenship papers, etc.)
  • Course exemptions CEGEP students
  • Report - limited access program

Questions – registration for the admissions event in Paris

  • Proof of degree (ex: high school diploma results)
  • Questions – conditional admission

Admission refusal / Readmission to a Bachelors degree

Additional courses

Refer to the list for your specific program (.pdf)

Complete the prerequisite / co-requisite exemption form  (.pdf) and email it to the address indicated on the form  

Follow registration / unenrollment instructions to register or unenroll

Refer to your dossier étudiant / student file

If you require academic guidance for course selection

Consult the designated individual from your program (.pdf)

Course selection

Make your course selections via your dossier étudiant / student file

Graduate Studies (Masters and DESS)
  • Form – dropping courses (.pdf)
  • Program change (consult your department)
  • Course exemptions CEGEP students  
  • Questions about Offer of Admission letters
  • Questions about Conditions of Admission
  • Assessment report  
  • Admission refusal / Readmission to Graduate Studies
  • Admission deferral (consult directly with your department)

Additional courses

Refer to the list specific to your program (.pdf)

Modification of your study plan (.doc)

Requires departmental approval

  • Program change (consult your department)
  • Course exemptions CEGEP students  
  • Questions about Offer of Admission letters
  • Questions about Conditions of Admission
  • Assessment report 
  • Admission report
  • Admission refusal / Readmission to Graduate Studies

Exchange and Double Degree
  • Admission application
  • Bursary application form
  • Prospective course selection
  • Questions – admission for students on exchange at Poly

Other - Misc
  • Mandatory insurance coverage
  • Questions – insurance coverage for international students

ASEQ Health and Dental Insurance

Questions – about scholarship programs

Questions – Government of Québec financial aid

Questions – Graduate Studies scholarships (Master and PhD only)

CAQ and Study Permits: questions and documents that must be provided

Student ID card

Ordering official documents:

  • Confirmation: academic study completion  
  • Confirmation of enrollment
  • Special request for confirmation
  • Course descriptions
  • Transcript
  • Form to be completed by the Registrariat / Registrar’s Office

  • Graduation
  • Degrees: duplicates, certified copies
  • Verifications – for employers and degrees

Additional courses


Future students: information about programs offered at Polytechnique

Questions – studying outside of Polytechnique

MOODLE, technical support

Absence requests

Until May 1, 2021 – form to request letter grades for the Winter 2020 semester (.pdf)

More about the collection and management of personal information

The personal information in question is collected by Polytechnique Montréal (2500, chemin de Polytechnique, Montréal), for the purposes of making an appointment with the Registrariat, and to be able to trace contact between individuals infected COVID19, who have been on the Polytechnique campus. Personal information collected will be kept for a period of 60 days. The omission of required information may cause appointments to be cancelled. Information will be kept confidential, conform to the “Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information” (Loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection des renseignements personnels, RLRQ c A-2.1.). Under the terms of this law, any individual may consult personal information retained about themselves, obtain a copy of said information, and correct said information, as required.